Inventory Planning 

Our software solution can help your inventory planning process integrated with S&OP cycle and specs below

-Automated forecast fitting

-MTO (Make to Order) , MTS (Make to Stock) and

 ATO/S (Assemble to Order /  Stock ) strategies

-Seasonal safety stock management

Sales Force Routing

Sales force routing can be done either on a tactical level or also on operational level as well. We can help you to create your sales force visit routes daily , weekly or seasonally. Additionally , we can also calculate the effective visiting frequency of sales points. The solution can be utilized for all field route operations

Vehicle Route Planning

Our vehicle route planning software can help you for different problem variations including

-Pick Up & Delivery Vehicle Route Planning

-Single / Multi Depot Vehicle Routing

-X docking

-3PL / Own fleet / Spot vehicle use

Dynamic Routing

When you need to make a distribution plan ,while your dispatch quantities dynamically change in time ; our solution can help your process through forecasting the estimated usage and calculate the dispatch quantities accordingly. By this way, you can always utilize your stock points and delivery vehicles at the same time

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