Oil & Gas 

Our solution for the oil and gas industry , helps our customers to plan their distribution routes based on consumption estimations. It automatically forecasts the expected amount of gas to be delivered at the gas station, urgent deliveries are planned with priority as well alternative unloading points within a plan is submitted

Paper Industry

Our solution for paper industry solves the distribution planning problem by taking into account the wave thickness and expected deviation from the average size. Number of drops and different vehicle types are also incorporated within the application

Cash Distribution

Our solution for cash distribution planning answers your cash transportation problem by incorporating picking up and cash from some branch and delivering to a specific branch, returning vehicles by a desired time to make a special delivery to central bank, checking insurance limits and so on.

FMCG / Confectioneries

For FMCG business, velocity and keeping up with the promised delivery time frames is crucial. Our solution answers your requirements to catch the available unloading time slots and also assign the deliveries to ambient or frigo vehicles. 

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